World Food Day 2019

मन में है विश्वास हम होंगे कामियाब.
माणसांची साखळी ही सर्वात मजबूत असते हे आम्ही आज पर्यंत फक्त ऐकल होत. पण काल दि. १६.१०.१९ ला फुलेनगर, विश्रांतवाडी पुणे इथे प्रत्यक्ष अनुभवलं.
Approach Helping Hands Foundation आणि Primus Techsystems Private Limited यांनी ५० लोकांचा एक महिन्याचा शिदा भेट दिला. आणि बाकीच्या ५० परीवारांना युग फाउंडेशन तर्फे एक महिना पुरेल एवढ राशन दिला, यामध्ये गहू, तांदूळ, पीठ हे तर नेहमी असतच, पण विशेष करून येत्या दिवाळी सणासाठी म्हणून मुलानं साठी चॉकलेट्स, महीलान साठी वाशिंग पाउडर, दिवे, तूप, dry fruits इत्यादि. पण भेट म्हणून दिले ( मदत म्हणून नाही).ही सगळी पाकिट खूप वजनदार होती जवळ जवळ १५ किलो चे एक पकिट होते.म्हणून सगळ्या कार्यकर्त्यांनी माणसांची साखळी बनवून ही समाग्री त्यांच्या घरा पर्यंत पोहचवली. या मध्ये WE Punekarss, Mr Salim Patekari, Approach Helping Hands Foundation, Primus Techsystems Private Limited Pune Jagriti Group यांचाही सहभाग होता.

World Food day is a day of action dedicated to tackling Global hunger. It is held on 16th October every year. People from around the world come together on this day to try and eradicate the problem of hunger. YUG foundation a Pune based NGO did the same on this day. We are working on a drive namely #BHOOKMUKTPUNE in which we are trying to eradicate the problem of hunger from our city. On World Food Day we visited a slum in Pune named PHOOLENAGAR where we had conducted a survey of 80 families before and distributed raw food grains to them.  We made a kit which consisted of raw food grains such as dal, rice, wheat, sugar, salt, buiscuits, chocolates and washing powder, which will last them for a time period of 1month. We were also supported by Approach Helping Hands Foundation, Primus Tech Systems Private Limited (IT COMPANY) & Jagriti Group.Everyone came together on an early Wednesday morning and started to distribute the packets to the underprivileged slum dwellers in Phoolenagar area. The underprivileged people were over joyed and thankful to us for carrying out this initiative.

After which all our supporting groups’ heads were asked to speak about the same and how we can carry out more such drives in the near future .We also took a pledge which stated that we will not waste food and take only the required amount never more than that. This will help in reduction of wastage of food which in turn will lead to helping the food reach the people who are really in need for it. In the end the people of PHOOLENAGAR basti were asked to say a few words and they were very grateful to us for carrying out this initiative.