Lady Zubeda School, Pune Sanitary Napkins donation drive

YUG FOUNDATION carried out a Sanitary Napkins donation drive and an awareness program at Lady Zubeda Urdu Medium School Pune . On 18 Feb 2019.

Menstruationstarts at the age of 10 to 12 years. When puberty hits, girls go through a lot of changes due to the rising hormones.66% of girls in India don’t even know about menstruation when they first start their period.These are the days when concepts like self-esteem develop. Many school going girls avoid going to school because of the shame and stigma attached to menstruation.

Lack of awareness combined with lack of proper sanitation methods add to the same.88% of women in India do not have access to sanitary pads.School dropouts during early menstruation is common.Research shows that approximately 23 % of adolescent girls drop out of school when they start menstruating.Young girls can catch various reproductive diseases due to lack of sanitary pads.

We at YUG Foundation, Pune want every girl in our city to use sanitary pads because they are not a luxury but a “necessity”. Food, clothing and shelter are considered the third necessities for humans to live. ”What about managing the involuntary fluid that sheds from the vagina to ensure the continuation of Mankind.”