Hunger has no species; every living being in the universe needs food to stay alive

The problem of Hunger is mainly faced by the underprivileged and less fortunate section of the society.  Food is the basic necessity for one and all. YUG foundation has taken into consideration this topic

Pune is a metro Politian city with the highest number of software companies and has experienced the highest record of growth in a span of the last 20 years. Still the percentage of hungry people in Pune is on a rise.

We all notice while moving around the city that the number of people begging on the streets, especially children are very pale and weak and the sole reason for that is that they do not get the basic necessity i.e. food. At that moment a thought crosses the mind that wish we could help, but not by giving money as everyone feel that the money will be misused.  Everyone wants to help at that moment by providing some food but they don’t have the means.

YUG foundation is starting with food grains donation drive in which we will be collecting Food Grains from all over Pune City. We have titled our campaign #EACHONEFEEDONE

After which we will be distributing those food grains to the orphanages and the old age homes all over Pune city.  If you wish to make a difference in the lives of these under privileged children, you can do so by donating a minimum of 1kg of food grains, which we will come and collect from you on specific days and distribute it to the orphanages and old age homes.

You can be the difference you want to see in your own city.

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